Assume that you are a marketing manager for Coca-Cola Corporation. In past years you have noticed that in the summer months, when consumers tend to be more weight conscious, sales of regular Diet Coke are lost to one of your competitors, Diet 7-Up. Focus group interviews conducted during the past winter indicate that in the summer people tend to associate clear soft-drinks with slender figures. Your boss has come to you with two ideas for preventing the erosion of market share of regular Diet Coke this coming summer:

(1) Create and show an appropriate television advertising campaign prior to and during the summer.

(2) Put a coupon in each 6-pack of regular Diet Coke that can be used to get a free 6‑pack of regular Diet Coke when 5 coupons have been collected.

Of the two ideas, which would you recommend? State it clearly at the beginning of your answer; then briefly explain why that approach is superior to the other. Use good details to support your answer.

220-300 words limit. Must be original work


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