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6 short questions | Criminal homework help

Which would you be more afraid of if you were caught by the police while shoplifting: receiving criminal punishment or having to face the contempt of your friends or relatives?
Discuss how a person’s moral development influences their risk of committing crime. Using a search engine such as “Google” search for “Cesare Lombroso”. How were Lombroso’s beliefs viewed during his time? What impact did his theory have on changing beliefs about the causes of criminality? How are they viewed today?
Discuss the relationship between Institutional Anomie Theory and crime. If one is a member of the lower class, does it predispose that person to a life of crime?
If negative labels are damaging, do positive ones help insulate children from crime-producing forces in their environment? If criminal behavior is learned, who taught the first criminal?
Discuss, in general detail, how the ideas of Karl Marx are reflected in the views of many contemporary critical criminologists?
Could you design a program for recreational drug users applying the Restorative Model, and what would it be?
Do you think that marriage is different than merely being in love? The McCarthy and Casey research discussed earlier indicates that having a romantic relationship may help reduce crime; if so, what happens when the couple breaks up? Does that increase the likelihood of criminal involvement?


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