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June 10, 2021
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Acc – currently chester is paying a dividend

Currently Chester is paying a dividend of $19.06 (per share). If this dividend were raised by $3.64, given its current stock price what would be the Dividend Yield?Select: 19.0%10.7%$3.64$22.70
In the month of March the Digby Corporation received and delivered orders of 186,000 units at a price of $15.00 for revenue of $2.790mil for their product Dell. Digby uses the accrual method of accounting and offers 30 day credit terms. By the end of May Digby had collected payments of $2.790mil for the March deliveries. How much of the collected $2.790mil should Digby show on the March 31st income statement and how much on the May 31st income statement?Select: 1$1.395mil in March;$1.395mil in May$2.790mil in March;$0 in May$0.921mil in March;$1.869mil in May$0 in March;$2.790mil in May
Chester Corp. is downsizing the size of their workforce by 10% (to the nearest person) next year from various strategic initiatives. How much will the company pay in separation costs if each worker receives $5,000 when separated?Select: 1$350,000$1,258,000$140,000$3,145,000
Which company has the most efficient SG&A / Sales ratio?Select: 1DigbyAndrewsBaldwinChester
Last year Acre charged $3,164,000 Depreciation on the Income Statement of Andrews. If Acre sold a fully depreciated piece of equipment at a gain, the effect on Andrews’s financial statements would be (all other items remaining equal):Select: 1Decrease Net Cash from operations on the Cash Flow StatementNo impact on Net Cash from operationsIncrease Net Cash from operationsJust impact the Balance Sheet
Assume Baldwin is producing 1,704 units of Bid next year. What would Bid’s plant utilization be?Select: 193.83%95.00%96.90%93.10%
Digby’s balance sheet has $104,456,000 in equity. Next year they expect Assets to increase by $4,000,000 and Liabilities to decrease by $2,000,000. If that happens, what will be Digby’s book value?Select: 1$110,456,000$98,456,000$106,456,000$48,156,000
Your Competitive Intelligence team reports that a wave of product liability lawsuits is likely to cause Digby to pull the product Dug entirely off the market this year. Assume Digby scraps all capacity and inventory this round, completely writing off those assets and escrowing the proceeds to a settlement fund, and assume these lawsuits will have no effect on any other products of Digby or other companies. Without Digby’s product Dug how much can the industry currently produce in the Core segment? Consider only products primarily in the Core segment last year. Ignore current inventories. Figures in thousands (000).Select: 17,8599,30910,4228,3316,8813,9055,211


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