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June 10, 2021
Assignment 2 fit | Accounting homework help
June 10, 2021
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In order to complete Assignment #2 you will need to answer the below questions. Please complete the questions in a Word document and then upload the assignment for grading. When assigning a name to your document please use the following format (last name_Assignment #2). Use examples from the readings, lecture notes and outside research to support your answers. The assignment must be a minimum of 1-full page in length with a minimum of 2 outside sources. Please be sure to follow APA guidelines for citing and referencing sources. Assignments are due by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Sunday.
You work as a networking consultant for Secure Systems Solutions (SSS), specializing in wireless and mobile device security. American Package Service (APS) is an SSS client. To date, APS has been a regional package delivery firm that has traditionally concentrated its efforts in a few large metropolitan markets. However, the company recently received an infusion of millions of dollars in venture capital and now intends to compete nationwide with the largest parcel delivery outfits. APS knows the expansion will require substantial planning and investment in their communications capabilities, and the security of those communications. APS has asked SSS to make a presentation about potential mobility needs.
For this assignment, develop a list of at least 10 potential business applications for Mobile IP for APS. The company may already have some of these applications in place, while others may prove useful as the company expands. Include the following:

Applications that might be useful in the APS home office or regional offices as well as for the actual delivery of packages in the field
A description of these business applications in terms of features and benefits
The security risks of each application

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