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June 9, 2021
Explain the difference between an established patient and a new patient.When patient files are pulled in preparation for patient hours, describe four major items each file should be checked for. Basic Management Concepts for Medical Administrative Staff Assignment: Reviewing Computer Operations
June 9, 2021
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Physical security provides various forms of deterrents. Using proper APA formatting write 4-6 pages, not including your title or reference pages addressing the following.
Part 1

What are some of the physical barriers provided by CCTV and chain link fences as it relates to discouraging criminal activities?
Should the designs and features of physical barriers be considered when business owners are planning to install such systems at their businesses? Why or why not?

Part 2
Fire is one of the most devastating elements that can destroy the physical components of an entity quickly. Explain some of the fire protocols that should be implemented into the different planning phases:

Administrative and planning phase
General physical inspection phase
Hazardous material inspection phase
Alarm system inspection phase

REQUIREMENTS: For this assignment you will provide at least 10 in-text citations with corresponding reference list. The recommended pages do not include your header or reference list. Please cite according to APA 6th Edition using Times Roman 12 Font and double space. Ensure you indent all paragraphs, use sub-header to differentiate point of discussion, and make sure that each paragraph has at least 4 solid sentences directing towards the sub-header. Finally, your Safe Assign (SA) score you be less than 30%.
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