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June 11, 2021
research the life work and writings of economists
June 11, 2021
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The other day you made for me an Assignment and Discussion question, which is part of the Assignment – Capstone Project: Part 1. I am satisfied with these works. You ave made very detailed and comprehensive research. Thank you for this
However, one of the main tasks was to outlining the plan of “the proposed changes,”
“Summarize how you will display and communicate the data. Be specific. “I will use…to support…and display it using…,” and also:

 How much will implementing the plan cost?
 How will you secure the necessary funds?
 When will this project pay for itself and start making money?
 How much profit will the company earn when you successfully execute the plan? and some others (Capstone Project: Part 1, enclosed)

In your Assignment in the para “Outline the plan” you started with:
“The strategy being implemented by MEDSI is to build the largest federal medical chain in Russia that will combine three main components: the components include research, healthcare, and training….” and that was a good start, but after that, instead of revealing and developing this proposed change, you continued analyzing the current state of MEDSI and their already existing initiatives.
Kindly ask you to revise the Assignment in the part which is highlighted by yellow in the file JWI_599_CapstoneProject_P1_Template_1196.docx, developing your own proposed change, that is the essence of the Assignment. Also, as a part of this work my professor asked me the following: “consider providing the board with a couple of simple tables.
The first would show costs with a half-dozen or so cost lines (construction, personnel, etc.) and the second table would do the same for revenue. This way, we could see the timing of different cost items and the timing of various revenue streams.”
All I need is just a .doc file, which contains that part, which I highlighted with yellow in the template.

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