career planning career obituary homework assignment

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June 9, 2021
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career planning career obituary homework assignment

The purpose is for you to give some serious thought to your initial job out of college and subsequent jobs throughout your entire adult working life. Most initial jobs after graduation are entry level jobs but there are usually clear pathways for upward mobility in your career fields.

Write your career “obituary.” You are 70 years old, recently retired and reflecting on your adult working life.
Chronologically go from the last job you retired from to your first fulltime job out of college
Include companies, job titles, responsibilities, locations, tenure, any graduate degrees or advanced training and certificates
Write in the third person, i.e. he or she not me or I. In other words write as though you were writing about someone else.
½ to 1 page in length (approx. 250 words), single-spaced with 1” margins
12 pitch in Times New Roman

time line
After graduate: spent half year to get CFI CFII licenses (to be a flight instructor)
2years at Phoenix AZ Transpac flight training school for 1000 hrs timing building.
Become airline pilot in American airline for more than 10years copilot experience( Airbus A320).
Move to Chian become captain of Boeing 787 in China eastern airline for anotherh 30years
HR management until retired.

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