Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia, blogs, and other nonacademic websites do not qualify as academic resources. Approval of resources is at the instructor’s discretion. Resources must also be within the last seven (7) years.
June 11, 2021
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June 11, 2021
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Civility in the Work Place – custom papers

Civility in the Work PlaceMy professor use turnitin to check this assignment for plagiarism please write 90% on your words and 10% of citationI will upload 3 files to be use it to develop the paper write the paper with flow without re-writing the questions but answer all the 4 questions when develop the paperAfter you are finished, read the assigned article:Lachman, V. D. (2015). Ethical issues in the disruptive behaviors of incivility, bullying, and horizontal/lateral violence. Urologic Nursing, 35(1), 39-42.Next watch the video by clicking on the link below. I am sending the transcript of the video and then you can answer the question below, also, I am sending the workplace civility index and the article to be use it.Reflect on what you observed in the video as you answer the following:1. Based on what you observed, what leadership skills should you, as Masaya’s preceptor, model for your fellow coworkers to promote his acceptance into the work-group or team.2. Does incivility seem to be an issue in the scenario?3. Describe any common themes you discovered among the article, the video and the Civility Index4. Share how you may improve your score on the index based on what you have read.
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