Please provide screenshots with a brief elaboration. This Assignment is based on iOS Device & Android.

A. Configuring Network Connections

  1. Define airplane mode as a setting that, once enabled, disables all wireless functionality within a device.
  2. Discuss the most commonly used types of cellular networks for data transmissions, such as the EDGE, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE networks.
  3. Show how to enable and disable the cellular network functionality on an iOS device.
  4. Demonstrate how the Wi-Fi settings on an iOS device are used, and show how to disable this portion of the phone if necessary.
  5. Provide information on how to set up a Bluetooth device, and give details on how the pairing.

D. Securing an iOS Mobile Device

  1. Describe what information stored on a smartphone could be used for malicious purposes, such as email, call logs, text messages, photos or videos.
  2. Demonstrate how to set up a passcode lock on an iOS device so that a passcode is required whenever the device wakes up.
  3. Point out how to configure an iOS device to wipe all data after 10 failed passcodes are entered. Note that this can also be done remotely if the option was enabled through iCloud.

Please type up a report and provide an in-class presentation.

A. Configuring Network Connections

  1. Show how to access the Settings app on an Android device, and demonstrate how to configure wireless network settings, such as:
    1. Airplane Mode
    2. Bluetooth
    3. Wi-Fi access.
  2. Point out that the cellular wireless settings can be viewed from within the Settings application, as well as tethering options.


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