Create your own visual depiction of the ASSURE model using Word, MS Paint, or a similar tool. Next, create and post a video that includes your ASSURE image and provide an explanation as to why you recommend the ASSURE model.
February 5, 2018
Describe the ASB’s Clarity Project. Why is this so important for the auditing profession?
February 5, 2018

Consider your role as a photographer,

-1 page personal project proposal

-Homework description

Personal project: For this project, you will work on a topic of your choosing to create a cohesive body of work. Consider your role as a photographer, the subject you are representing, the perspective of the viewer and the cultural context in which the work is being produced. You may choose to base your personal project on your CBL research or another topic that has come out of your class research. It is best to space out your shooting and take your time with this project to let it evolve. Make sure you shoot enough images to choose from for your final project and that each image you choose is strong on it’s own while still working well with the other images included in the final set.


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