a. Overview of methods (clustering, association rules, regression, classification, time series analysis) Explain what the method is and provide one tangible example. Use at least one slide per method (minimum # of slides for this portion is 5)

b. Overview of your previously discussed problem and exploratory data approach. Include Healthcare industry and problem, proposed data elements, and proposed approach (minimum # of slides for this portion is 4)

Recommendations:consider how you will use data analytics to solve the problem.Think about the “question” you are trying to answer and which method would work best.

c. Summary of applicable method for your previously discussed problem from Healthcare industry. Include the method, reason chosen and one alternative choice and why it was not the best choice (minimum # of slides for this portion is 4)


Use APA Formatting with Title slide, Reference slides, in-text citations, and cite/reference all graphics

Use a template & colors of your choice. Minimum total # slides = 14

Please see the link from previious work https://www.studypool.com/discuss/18727698/discuss…

Reference Link for PowerPoint presentation video


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