minimum of 20 words per question. using APA format

source; Withcott, J. & Laposata, M. (2012). Essential environment: The science behind the stories (4th

ed). Boston.

Q. What two factors greatly affect the overall resource use by humans?

Q. Describe the ecological footprint of a person? What does population growth and population density tell you about the overall effect that a population will have on the planet once you know their average ecological footprint?

Q. How might developing countries decrease population growth?

Q. How might developed countries decrease per capita resource use?

Q. Name and describe three things that you can do today to decrease your personal resource use.

Please submit a 750 word critique of the article “In America’s Heartland Discussing Climate Change Without Saying Climate Change” Your article critique should be double spaced, using 10 point font, with 1″ margins.  Some sample things to include when writing your critique:• Describe the main ideas and what the author wants to express• Analyze each important and interesting point and develop an explanation of the article• Interpret the author’s intention• Summarize and Evaluate the value of an article, stating whether you agree or disagree with the author of an article, with supporting evidence


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