Select a topic and start to research their current background, survey the related information, and analyze the structure of the requirements. Finally, you design the paper involving an appropriate project organization structure and surveyed topics based on APA format.
Then write the term paper.
My TOPIC –   Overview of Tools used in Digital Forensics 
 You have to follow the following format:
Title: Overview of Tools used in Digital Forensics 

Current Issues and Suggest Topics
Methods, Techniques, and Evaluations
Future Works

Assignment Instructions:
1. No ZIP file
2. The submitted assignment must be typed by ONE Single MS Word/PDF file
3. At least 10 pages and 3 references
4. Use 12-font size and 1.5 lines space
5. No more than 4 figures and 3 tables
6. Follow APA style and content format: TAMUC follows the APA (American Psychological Association) for writing style in all its courses which require a Paper or Essay.
Grading Rubric
 Grading for this assignment will be based on answers of completed the above requirements, quality, logic/organization of the paper, and language and writing skills. Please see as follows:
– Comprehension of Assignment (Addressed the question completely and thoroughly. Provided additional supporting evidence, demonstrating a full comprehension of subject matter): 20 percent
– Application of Course Knowledge and Content (Thorough technical application of course knowledge and content in a complete and concise manner): 20 percent
– Organization of Ideas (Original ideas are effectively developed and presented in a logical, sequential order throughout the entire assignment. Includes adequate and appropriate supporting evidence): 20 percent
– Writing Skills (Mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) are flawless, including proficient demonstration of citations and formatting throughout the entire assignment): 20 percent
– Research Skills (Accurate and applicable use of resources relevant to the subject matter that enhance the overall assignment): 20 percent


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