Write a memo-form incident report to Vern Rogers. You can mention that you were absent from the construction site for 24 hours, but that otherwise the incident has not affected your supervision work.
February 2, 2018
What anthropological evidences and discoveries support the evolution of the human race as it differs from other species? What prompted the Homo sapiens to migrate from Africa and the factors that enabled the human population to increase rapidly?
February 2, 2018
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Why did the dust bowl happen?

What part of the earth land has soil for agriculture? one paragraph

Why did the dust bowl happen?

How do we protect our soils today from this erosion?

What laws were enacted after the dust bowl to protect our soil?

What can you see as evidence today that farmers, constructions workers and transportation departments to protect soil?

Is soil alive?

How do soil profiles change? paragraph

What is field capacity? paragraph

Class: Which is more important in determining soil use, soil profiles or soil composition? paragraph

Why we can’t get to inner earth?


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