Kasey D. Riddle and Katherine A. Riddle are sisters. Kasey somehow had possession of a duplicate of Katherine’s driver’s license, identical to the original in every respect except that Kasey’s picture appeared on it instead of Katherine’s. In January 2014, Kasey, posing as Katherine, was arrested in Trimble County on narcotics charges. She was booked as Katherine A. Riddle, signed various documents as Katherine A. Riddle, and was released on bail as Katherine A. Riddle.
On March 2, 2014, Katherine was stopped in Bedford, Kentucky for running a red light. A routine warrant check revealed that Katherine A. Riddle was wanted in Trimble County, and she was taken into custody over her protests of mistaken identification. The Bedford Police Department contacted the Trimble County Sheriff’s Department, compared the identifying information on the respondent’s driver’s license with that contained in the Trimble County arrest records, and concluded that the driver was indeed Katherine A. Riddle. On March 6, 2014, Trimble County deputies took custody of Katherine and placed her in the Trimble County Jail in Kentucky. She remained there until March 9, 2014, when officials compared her picture against a file photograph of the wanted woman and, recognizing their error, released her.
Respond to the following questions:
Katherine believed that her detainment was unconstitutional. She claimed that she was deprived of liberty without due process of law. Note: In this scenario, Katherine A. Riddle was arrested pursuant to a facially valid warrant. Explain why you believe this is or is not a constitutional issue.
Explain why understanding the Constitution, as defined by the Founding Fathers, is important for criminal justice officials. In your response, refer to the required readings and study materials for this module/week. You must include concepts from the Biblical Principles of Criminal Justice article to support your statements.


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