first aid training for employees by atlantic training

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June 10, 2021
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first aid training for employees by atlantic training

First Aid Training for Employees by Atlantic Training
Watch VideoFirst Aid Training for Employees by Atlantic TrainingDuration: 4:28 User: n/a – Added: 4/26/13

Wk 5 Assignments: LOTO – Confined Space & Medical Service
LOTO Scenario:A 33-year-old janitorial worker died after he was trapped inside a linen dryer at a hospital laundry while cleaning plastic debris from the inside of the dryer drum. The cleaning task (which usually took 15 minutes to an hour) involved propping open the door to the dryer with a piece of wood and entering the 4-by 8-foot dryer drum. The melted debris was removed by scraping and chiseling it with screwdrivers and chisels. The dryer was part of an automated system that delivered wet laundry from the washer through an overhead conveyor to the dryer, where it dried during a 6-minute cycle with air temperatures of 217 to 230 degrees. The system control panel was equipped with an error light that activated if the dryer door was open, indicating that the dryer was out of service.On the night of the incident, the worker propped the door open and entered the dryer drum without de-energizing or locking out the dryer. He began to clean the inside of the drum. Although the error light had been activated when the door was propped open, the signal was misinterpreted by a coworker, who restarted the system. When the system was restarted, the overhead conveyor delivered a 200-pound load of wet laundry to the dryer – knocking out the wooden door prop, trapping the worker inside, and automatically starting the drying cycle. The worker remained trapped inside until the cycle was completed and was discovered when the load was discharged from the dryer. He died thirty minutes later of severe burns and blunt head trauma.Question A:

Identify / list 5 LOTO hazards (or violations) in this story (5pts)
Could the accident have been prevented? Either yes or no, please explain your answer (5pts)
Write a mini 200 words correction action or recommendation for the accident (10pts)

Question Set B:

Identify and describe 2 work activities or conditions that may result to potential exposure to Control Hazardous Energy (LOTO) at a

School (5pts)
Restaurant (5pts)

For training purpose, create a checklist of what should be done to avoid LOTO Accident in the school or Restaurant (10pts)

Question Set C:Click and read information in the link to answer the next set of questions

Does OSHA Coverage or OSHA 29 CFR 1910. 147 Standard applies to “Oil & Gas Well-Drilling? ( I did not say the entire Oil and Gas Industry/ field). Either yes or no, you must explain your answer with reference(s). (5pts)

Question Set D: Confined / Permit Confined SpaceClick on this YouTube link to watch a confined space incident video

Define Confined Space and Permit Confined Space (5pts)
What are the two (distinct) purposes why atmospheric testing is performed? (5pts)
List 5 Confined / Permit Confined Space hazards or violations that occurred in the video (5pts)
Write a mini 200 words correction action or recommendation that should be in place (10pts)

Question Set E: Medical ServiceSubpart K – 29 CFR 1910.151 is about Medical Service:First Aid and Medical Services.pdf

What are the first aid & medical services requirement? (5pts)
In the event that a worker is indeed exposed to lead-dust or asbestos fibers, identify a suitable place (at work or in a community) to drench substance off the exposed worker (5pts)

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