Identify Researchable Clinical Nursing Problems

leadership strategies you could implement to build healthy relationships among staff members in the workplace you selected.
May 8, 2018
Comprehensive SOAP Template
May 8, 2018

Identify Researchable Clinical Nursing Problems

-Identify Researchable Clinical Nursing Problems

Articulate the role of research in the development of nursing knowledge and evidence based practice
Describe the basic concepts, techniques, and methodologies underlying the research process and their application in the study of nursing problems.
Identify researchable clinical nursing problems with the purpose of improving patient outcomes
Use information technology to retrieve hierarchical levels of evidence that addresses clinical questions.
Utilize effective critical thinking and written communication skills in the critique of research for applicability to nursing practice.
Integrate research findings into nursing practice to meet the changing needs of clients and professional nursing.
Describe current research priorities in nursing.
Identify legal, ethical and cultural considerations in research that involves human subjects.


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