how does globalization affect the poverty levels in the US?
February 5, 2018
Locate a bad-news message somewhere on the internet and share a link here. Discuss which method (inductive or deductive) it most closely resembles and explain why the author chose to deliver the bad news. What change(s) would you make if you were required to deliver the same message to someone else?
February 5, 2018

IT Systems Integrity

Topic : IT Systems Integrity

Paper’s focus is Problem Statement & Research Question Development.

(5 pages) need APA format

  1. Write a problem statement on the topic.

Your problem statement must thoroughly describe the problem and include:

Facts ( shows that your problem is a problem)

The problem (What is your research problem?)

Why it is a problem?

A summary of how you are going to fix the problem

  1. Create two research questions for research topic you created in week 1.

And remember that research questions should focus on the purpose of the research and should provide an answer to the research proble


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