During each round, players choose a move, which may be either Gödishus, Derflürg, Kullen, Koppang, or Songesand. The rules are:

  • Songesand beats Kullen, Gödishus
  • Kullen beats Derflürg, Koppang
  • Derflürg beats Songesand, Gödishus
  • Gödishus beats Koppang, Kullen
  • Koppang beats Songesand, Derflürg

Your program should behave as follows:

  • The rules should be printed to the screen
  • The user is asked if they’d like to play a round
    • if they choose ‘y’, a round is played
    • if they choose ‘n’, the program ends
  • Until the user has chosen to quit, another round is played.
  • In a round of play:
    • The user is asked to enter a move, which may be either Gödishus, Derflürg, Kullen, Koppang, or Songesand. The program should continue to prompt the user until a valid move is entered.
    • The computer makes a move at random. (Hint: remember how we generated random numbers in class.)
    • The program prints the computer’s move, the user’s move, and who is the winner of this round.
    • The user is asked if they’d like to continue.
  • When the user has decided to quit the game, the program prints the number of:
    • rounds played
    • times the user won
    • times the computer won

    using switch and here is some suggestion:

    /* use named constants */_x000D_
    public static final int GODISHUS = 0;_x000D_
    public static final int DERFLURG = 1;_x000D_
    public static final int KULLEN = 2;_x000D_
    public static final int KOPPANG = 3;_x000D_
    public static final int SONGESAND = 4;_x000D_
    /* write a method that is passed two moves and returns who wins */_x000D_
    public static boolean userWon(int userMove, int computerMove) {_x000D_
      /* good */_x000D_
      if (userMove == GODISHUS && (computerMove == DERFLURG ||_x000D_
                                   computerMove == WHATEVER))_x000D_
      /* not as good */_x000D_
      if (userMove == 1 && computerMove == 2 || computerMove .._x000D_
    /* returns computer's random move */_x000D_
    public static int randMove() {_x000D_
    /* using the method */_x000D_
    int computerMove = randMove();_x000D_
    System.out.println("computer entered: " +_x000D_
    /* in response to question about what would happen_x000D_
       if we really wanted the String representation of _x000D_
       a move */_x000D_
    public static String intMoveToString(int m) {_x000D_
      if (m == GODISHUS) {_x000D_
         return "Godishus";_x000D_
      } else if (m == DERFLURG) {_x000D_


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