literature evaluation 2 – The Nursing Hub

The following balances relate to ABC Company: Credit Sales during 2017: $2,000,000 Allowance for bad debt (1/1/2017): $9,000 (credit) Accounts…
November 18, 2020
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November 18, 2020

literature evaluation 2 – The Nursing Hub

For this assignment, the student will provide a synopsis of eight peer-reviewed articles from nursing journals using an evaluation table that determines the level and strength of evidence for each of the eight articles.
The articles should be current within the last 5 years and closely relate to the PICOT statement developed earlier in this course.
The articles may include quantitative research, descriptive analyses, longitudinal studies, or meta-analysis articles. A systematic review may be used to provide background information for the purpose or problem identified in the proposed capstone project.
Use the “Literature Evaluation Table” resource to complete this assignment.
In-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines.

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