What are the issues causing demographic winter, and what are some solutions?
January 4, 2018
2. If the current inflation rate is 5%, then the normal rate necessary for you to earn an 8% real interest rate on your investment is closest to:
January 4, 2018

Manipulating Mental Representations.

Psychology Test Assignment
Target Word Limit: 1250 words
Referencing Style: APA
Manipulating Mental Representations.
Throughout their life humans create mental models or schemata that represent their ideas, beliefs,
thoughts, and feelings about themselves and how the world works. The mental models can either
empower or disempower us. Disempowering mental models can be re-framed into empowering
mental models.
Most of the time we are not aware of the mental models we created; they are unconscious.
Your task for this tutorial is to:
1) select ONE area in your life that is not working or not working as well as you would like it to
(e.g., relationship with a particular person, sitting exams, health, finances, transition to being a
2) bring some of the empowering and disempowering mental models you have in that selected area
of your life into your awareness and express them in language by writing them down.
3) reflect on:
a) the impact the disempowering mental models have on the area of your life that you selected.
b) whether your disempowering mental models are in fact true.
Express your thoughts in language by writing them down.
4) re-frame the disempowering mental models into empowering mental models.
Hint: It is useful (and more fun) to do this activity with a person who has got empowering mental
models in the area you selected. (e.g., is successful in the area).


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