Imagine a situation where consumers have incomplete information about their health status and about the productivity of medical care. Examine the roles of the principal and the agent in helping consumers to determine the demand for medical care in the described situation.
June 9, 2021
what implications the adoption of different epistemological and methodological traditions might have for social science research with particular social theme poverty 1200 words
June 9, 2021
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Marketing research paper | MARKETING RESEARCH

You work at an International University and you have to outline a research project for them. The objective is to know which Bachelor’s Degrees are most demanded right now among high school students, in order to include these Degrees in the University’s program. Given this situation:
 § Describe two targets that would be part of your segmentation for this research and justify your choices.
 § Explain what sampling methodology would you use, first on size (finite or infinite) then on typology (probabilistic or non-probabilistic). 
§ Develop three qualitative questions (for an interview) and three quantitative questions (for a survey) that you would ask in this research. 
§ Suggest and describe a quality-control method that would ensure the validity of the results obtained.
the word count approximately 1 page answer per question.


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