Critical thinking essay

When you travel from the tropics to the mid latitudinal belt in South America, the deserts switch sides along the Andes Mountains – why?

Be specific; use the concepts of atmospheric lifting and global wind patterns; include a physical map of the continent and refer to it in your answer.

Write essay in your own words. Do additional research if needed. If you refer to somebody’s ideas, including our textbook, be sure to cite the sources used (format style is your choice, but you should be consistent, i.e., MLA for all sources, or APA for all, or Chicago AD for all) . Copied and pasted information will result in 0 for this assignment (see the section Academic Honesty in our syllabus).

Submit it by Tuesday, June 11 (end of day). PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SUBMIT IN ANSWER BOX.

Suggested length of the essay (map not included) – about one-page long, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12. More important than the length is that you clearly answer the question raised.


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