news reflection that can relate to physiology read and reflect

read and answer the questions 14
June 8, 2021
The impact of federal and state health policy and regulation on the practice of nursing cannot be ignored. Issues surrounding healthcare are often complex, involving the fields of medicine and economics and affecting individuals’ rights as well as access to healthcare.
June 8, 2021
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news reflection that can relate to physiology read and reflect

Note that you must also submit your news article electronically along with your paper and that your news article must have been published RECENTLY (from August 2018 to present). If you do not have an electronic copy of your news article, then turn in a paper copy in class.
Before working on your paper, I recommend that you show your news article to me for approval (via email works fine) to verify that you are using the right kind of article for this assignment.
Although the homework assignments and the NRP overlap to some extent, there are some important differences:

In the NRP, you must find your own news article.
You should also pay careful attention to the clarity and structure of your writing in the NRP, as it is a more formal writing assignment than the homework.

If you have any questions about this assignment, let me know.

PLEASE also look at the guide line in the pdf
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