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The parts of the research paper must include the following elements:
1- Title page
2- Full-Scentense Outline
3- Body of the paper (1800-2500 words)
4- Works cited page (8 sources) in MLA citations
5- If you decide to use quotes use up to 2 quotes per page.
My research is on North Korea. Specifically on the human rights violations and the harsh punishments that happen under the Kim regime.
My thesis is: The North Korean regime’s decision to ignore its desperately in need citizens has created an extremely low standard of living for the people, along with an unforgiving political system in which people face cruel punishments for the slightest action against the government, those punishments include labor camps, torture, death. It is up to the US and UN to intervene and stop the atrocities and hold the regime accountable.
You may modify the thesis add or remove from it, but it is also important to stay on the main topic.
It is also important to mention a call to action in the conclusion that urges to reader to go out and do something. This can really be anything from a civil protest urging the government to intervene or a social media movement to call out the North Korea government to stop torturing its people.
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