Part a only – 1000 word event proposal | evn301 Event strategy and policy

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June 5, 2021
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Part a only – 1000 word event proposal | evn301 Event strategy and policy

Part A: Event Proposal Instructions
Choose one of the local councils used in the first assessment task (Waverley Council Event policy). Having the location and the policy in mind, you will develop an original major event proposal to fit within the strategic requirements of the local council and the variety of stakeholders involved. You need to clearly identify the stakeholders for this purpose.
Note: a major event is an event that has important consequences, such as a conference or exhibition, a major product launch or a government VIP event. This includes public events, such as festivals and concerts, with over 10,000 people.
Step one – Design your event concept
Your event concept must:

  Be designed with the local community in mind
  Needs to be either be “supported” or “approved” by local authorities
  Has an objective other than financial gain
  Has a physical location (cannot be an online event)Step two – Identify stakeholdersIn your event brief, you must:
  Identify the key stakeholders
  Describe the target demographic for the event and how they will be reached
  Explain why the target demographic would enjoy/participate in the eventStep three – Event execution
  What location/s will be used?
  What facilities are required versus those available
  A brief overview of the planning timeline
  An overview of how the event marketing plan and communication to the host communityStep four – Event feasibilityProvide:
  A brief explanation of how the event will be funded (Sponsorship? Ticket sales? Grants? Corporately owned?)
  Perform a high-level SWOT Analysis and briefly explain how you will mitigate any perceived weaknesses or threatsWord total for Assessment 2 Part A should be 1,000 words (-/+10%). Support your work with evidence from your research. Include a reference or citation; where appropriate (please refer toReferencing below).


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