1. Can you describe how the perspective of a pragmatist working in the Use Branchmay differ from that of a postpositivist working in the Methods Branch? What doyou think is the most important difference?2. Continue to gain comfort in searching academic databases by locating the following journal article using the information given in it’s citation:Davis, M., Jonson-Reid, M., Dahm, C., Fernandez, B., Stoops, C., & Sabri, B. (2020). The Men’s Group at St. Pius V: A Case Study of a Parish-Based Voluntary Partner Abuse Intervention Program. American journal of men’s health, 14(1), 1557988319891287.3. If you did not have access to library databases, would you be able to read the study listed above? (yes or no)4. Based on the material presented in chapter 4, is the Davis et al., 2020 article a design evaluation, process evaluation, or impact evaluation? Explain your thinking5. If you were to evaluate the Masters in Social Work program at UTA using a pragmatic paradigm, what might that investigation involve?Link to book :https://uta.instructure.com/courses/73076/files/11954831/download?wrap=1


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