In Chapter 7, we apply “thinking like a scientist” to the development of a new business concept.

For this discussion board, you are asked to :

  1. Briefly explain an idea you have for a new product or service (1-2 sentences).
  2. Identify at least three questions you would need to answer to develop this concept.
  3. From one of your questions, draft a hypothesis. What do you think will be true?
  4. Explain how you could test this hypothesis through an experiment.
  5. Please write a minimum 150 word response to one of the example posts and state which one you chose to respond too.

To complete this discussion board assignment, start by posting an original response that demonstrates critical thinking and effort. Your original post should be no less than 200 words.

This question does not require any outside research on your part, beyond posting the link of the organization you’re introducing. However, if you should choose to bring in any additional, outside sources, be sure to cite them in APA style as discussed in the syllabus.


EXAMPLE 1 – Safety Harness

1) I would like to create a safety harness for a household pet. This will be used in emergency situations if the animal is in danger and needs to be lowered to the first floor from a window.

2) What type of material will need to be used to secure an animal? At what price point does it seem logical for a person to purchase this product? How would I introduce this product to the public?

3) What type of material will be need to be used to secure an animal? I would like to experiment with different canvas materials that will provide security and comfort for the animals being put into this harness. My main concern is getting the animal to safety under an emergency. There will be different thicker materials for larger animals. I believe that this concept can make a vital impact on a household because of how important the animal is to the family.

4) I will test this theory by making the prototype harness with different canvas materials. There will be stuffed animal that is weighted to the size of the harness. I will not be testing animals in this experiment because I do not want to put them in any harm.


EXAMPLE 2 – Contact Lens

For my idea for a new product, I have mentioned before in one of the topics, is a futuristic contact lens. This contact lens is basically a computer inside your head when you put on the lens to your eyes.

A few questions I would need to answer for my product is if it will be safe in the long-run for peoples’ health since it is a computer-like contact lens. There will be some pushbacks for some people because it may seem unhealthy to put such a device near your eyes. Second question would be on pricing. How would we price our product when it is the first one out there? Lastly, our final question would be on who our primary target audience will be. Will it be used for government use only or can anyone use this device?

My hypothesis is that this product, a computer-like contact lens will be used for government use only. This is because since it is a computer in a contact lens, people can hack it if they are good enough to hack such a device, which can have a numerous of negative impact. This is why at first, this product should be used for government/military use only for now until there is a final fix so that nobody can hack it.

There could be some way of testing this hypothesis by having skilled hackers, from Google, Yahoo and private security companies try and find a way to get into the computer-like contact lens. If somehow there was a way to hack one of the computer-like contact lenses, there could be a way to protect the lenses from other hackers from getting in since the company will use these skilled hackers to help them from other hackers from getting in.


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