Composition II

Research – Research Paper Step 3

Find and Organize your Evidence

Review your experiential essay from the first step in the research process:

  • Conduct broad research to find a variety of sources. (As one of the sources, you may use the initial article you found for Step 1, but be sure to add from your search eight to ten additional new sources.)
  • Write a one-paragraph summary of each of your sources. Keep in mind that a paragraph is more than 4 complete sentences. This is also called an Annotated Bibliography.
  • Write a list of topics and subtopics that emerge from your sources.
  • Type up a tentative Works Cited page using MLA style. (This is tentative, because you may not end up citing every source you find at this stage. At the end, it will be important to erase sources you did not cite and add sources you did cite.) Keep in mind that the Works Cited page is not the same as the annotated bibliography and these are two separate assignments


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