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The many solutions that Nancy Fraser brings up are very important to think about especially in the context of today’s political climate. Many people advocate for one solution or the other, however, the most necessary solution for the issues of today’s society and economy would be understanding the different perspectives of the issues. I like Fraser’s way of explaining intersectionality a little more compared to Crenshaw’s way of explaining intersectionality because I feel that Crenshaw’s explanation is a lot more limited in thinking. Fraser’s “folk paradigms’ of justice has a lot more elaboration on the idea of intersectionality and how it works for all forms of identity. As well as using these paradigms to create solutions is very interesting. The way that there is no real solution but to understand the different perspective, tells a lot about how issues could be easily solved if people weren’t so stubborn and close-minded. If everyone kept an open-mind and tried to understand how others struggle with their own struggles based on their socioeconomic status or their chosen identity, I feel that we would come a lot closer to an equal and peaceful society.

In this week’s lecture, we looked at the claims that ‘capitalism’ helps save the environment and the position that ‘capitalism’ destroys the environment. First, the position that supports capitalism helps to save the environment said if the world economy becomes rich, people will use nature less. On the other hand, the argument that capitalism destroys the environment is that the capitalist economy creates a cycle of boom and bust, but people recklessly build many factories when the economy is booming. After all, people produce more than they want to buy, which means people are wasting.

I think the argument that capitalism destroys the environment is more convincing. Capitalism has flourished for centuries, exploiting nature. It is considering nature as an “unstoppable” source of resources for production or waste disposal. However, the Earth’s ability to ‘stand through’ the destructive effects of capital is now at its limit. The desire for capital to grow without stopping has led to the suspension of the complex natural cycle formed over millions of years. This led to a crack in the ‘matter metabolism’ between society and nature (to borrow Marx’s expression). This devastating trend is directly linked to the social and material deprivation of hundreds of millions of people suffering from poverty, unemployment, and unstable employment. Capitalism is accompanied by this destructive tendency to guarantee profit and reproduction.

Therefore, no matter how people can make capitalism environmentally friendly, I think the argument that capitalism destroys the environment is more convincing.

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