As science explores the use of natural and artificial cognitive enhancements (for example, cognitive performance-enhancing drugs), myriad ethical issues arise, leading to a new area of study: neuroethics.
What are some of the issues related to neuroethics? For example, do you think it is acceptable for students to use cognitive performance-enhancing drugs to improve their academic performance (in much the same way that athletes sometimes use performance-enhancing steroids)?
For this discussion consider: Should cognitive performance-enhancing drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Concerta be banned?
This question has created a firestorm of debate across college campuses in America over many years. In this discussion you will take a position on whether or not cognitive performance-enhancing drugs should be banned and find a journal article that supports your side:
· Describe at least one of the main arguments in the article and explain the supporting evidence the authors of the article use to support their argument.
· Describe the article’s conclusions.
· Explain the implications of the findings and how they support the position you have taken in the debate.
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