I already have chosen the paper topic and I will attach a copy of the topic selection and copy of NRC report

Remember you will be choosing at least ten sources for your paper. One will be the NRC report posted on Canvas. You must find nine additional articles within the reputable sources that detail information related to your topic.

4 peer reviewed sources 5 other sources and 1 from NRC report

These must be nine unique articles; For example do not pick nine news articles that describe the same research study. The articles must be at least 200 words long and must have been published in the last ten years (with the exception of how analysis was done BEFORE 2009). Alternatively, sources for this assignment must include four primary peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Some excellent journals are:

  • Journal of Forensic Science
  • Forensic Science International
  • Forensic Magazine

Unacceptable sources for this assignment include personal websites, blogs, and wikis.

Avoid articles that do not describe the science. Articles from popular news sources will not meet the requirements of this assignment.


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