Is There a Correlation Between Substance Abuse and Underage Pregnancy?
December 14, 2017
Events surrounding the airing and aftermath of the investigative news story “For the Record,” produced by CBS news and Dan Rather in 2004.
December 14, 2017

Standard Cost and Variance Analysis

Complete this following by providing at least 2 reasons why you agree and 2 reasons why you disagree with each of the following author?s statements.

Support your arguments with at least 125 words for each agreement/disagreement.

STATEMENT 1: ?The accounting focus will shift from variance analysis to understanding the underlying cost structure of a product or process, highlighting significant cost trends, identifying cost reduction opportunities and educating operations personnel on the financial impact of their day-to-day decisions.?

STATEMENT 2: ?The analyst?s role will become proactive instead of reactive.?


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