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Story board time! Here is your chance to be creative and demonstrate your understanding of certain social psychological principles in one fell swoop. For this assignment, you will all put social psychology into action by creating a board full of stories. Write a story that demonstrates your understanding of at least 10 of the following terms:

Internal Attribution
External Attribution
Fundamental Attribution Error
Self-Serving Bias

Cognitive Dissonance
Social Facilitation
Normative Social Influence
Informational Social Influence

Social Loafing
Door-in-the-Face Strategy
Foot-in-the-Door Strategy

Bystander Effect
Passionate Love
Reciprocity Norm

Use the term correctly in your story. Please bold and underline each term you use. You should make the definition/meaning of the term quite obvious so that I can easily assess your understanding of the term. Your story can be in any format and/or theme as long as you clearly demonstrate your understanding and ability to apply the terminology. For example, you can write a romantic fairy tale, a song, a science fiction story, a horror story (go easy on us, please), or whatever else you can think of.
*Be sure to also respond to at least one classmate in the story board.
GuidelinesA sentence like: “Kara then made an internal attribution, resulting in the fundamental attribution error” is not adequate. You must either explain the term within the sentence or make it such that the context of the story clearly demonstrates your understanding of the term. This would be better:
“Kara concluded that Simon’s behavior was due to his shyness, a clear facet of his personality, and explained to her friend, Paula, ‘See? Simon is so shy, and that is exactly why he has not come over to talk to us!’ Paula replied, ‘Well, I see that you are making an internal attribution by explaining that Simon is shy, but I happen to know that he isn’t coming over to talk to us because his professor asked him to meet her here.” ‘Oh!” replied Kara. ‘His professor asked him to wait over there, and that’s why he is not coming to talk to us?’ ‘Yes,’ said Paula, ‘You were about to make the fundamental attribution error by attributing his behavior to an internal cause or his personality when really an external attribution or (the external cause of) his professor’s need to meet with him is really the reason!”
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