Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Donor Policy in Canada. CIDA has recently discarded its main advantages, such as gender equality, health issues, the importance of development aid etc. Though one can argue that every organization is connected with its self-interest, we can surely claim that further discussion is related to the international aid policies, political and economic contexts.

The first chapter “Canada among Donors: How Does Canadian aid Compare?” by Hunter McGill deals with relations of Canada in terms of the international society on the matters of help, undertakings and goals. There are two different international processes, which are used for evaluation of international relations in Canada with respect to international policies, non-aid policies and programs. Unfortunately, the Canadian government is not interested in foreign help and support and shows underperformance at the international level. This claim is produced by the author of the chapter, but it is interesting for the readers to find out whether it is true or not. On the basis of two basic criteria, such as the Peer Review Process of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Assistance Committee (OECD/DAC) and the Commitment to Development Index annual rankings of the Center for Global Development (CGD) evaluation of international aid in the development of Canada is discussed further on in this chapter. Other donor states evaluate the national situation in Canada and in accordance with the data they donate help (McGill).

The GCDS Commitment to Development Index was established as part of an effort to rate how the public policies of twenty-two nations, all current members of the DAC, affect the prospects and progress of developing countries. Basing on these two basic indices, it is possible to evaluate a certain degree of international aid donated to Canada. At the same time, Canada plays the role of an important international donor and it is possible to measure international help donated by the country.&nbsp.

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