Step 4:
In this step, you will be re-reading the book, focusing on the chapters that you think will be the most useful for your analysis. In a Blackboard assignment, you will upload a Word document (a template will be provided) in which you will answer a few questions about your work, including identifying 5 of the 10 chapters you will include in your analysis. (To complete the project, you will need to use a total of 10 chapters, with this stipulation: a minimum of 3 income statement items, 3 balance sheet items, and 1 cash flow statement item. You’ll have to use more than the minimum to reach 10, but this stipulation is designed to make sure that you don’t select all chapters from one financial statement.) This part of the assignment will be due on 10/22. Also, by this date, you will be asked to upload the financial statements for the company you have selected. Details about this step will be discussed going forward.
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