1- Discuss the material and cultural hallmarks of the Middle Bronze Age. What group(s) can we attribute these new developments to and on what basis? What textual sources are available for studying this period and what do they allow us to say about the MB Levant? Discuss some of the factors that contributed to these new developments. How do we distinguish between the Middle and Late Bronze Ages? Do we see any cultural traditions continue into the Late Bronze Age

2- The Late Bronze Age is characterized as a period of internationalism. Do you think the Late Bronze Age was any more “international” than the Middle Bronze Age? What types of evidence suggest this? Discuss examples and evidence of exchange networks, conflict, and any other international interactions.

3- Describe Egyptian presence in the Southern Levant during the Middle and Late Bronze Ages. What are the sources we can use to analyze Egypt’s relationship with the region and what do they tell us? How did Egyptian presence during these periods differ? What changed near the end of the Late Bronze Age and may have contributed to Egypt’s withdrawal from the Southern Levant?

4- Discuss the great empires of the Late Bronze Age. What was the nature of contact between these empires? How did local populations respond to foreign imperial presence and was the response standard across the region? Use specific examples in your discussion.

5- What marks the beginning of the Iron Age? Discuss the archaeological and textual evidence that allows us to better understand the transition between the Late Bronze and early Iron Age. Do you think “collapse” is a fruitful way to look at this transition? What about monocausal explanations in general: do you agree or disagree with this as an explanatory approach for the Iron Age? Discuss the changes we see take place in the Iron Age with regard to social and political organization, including new cultural groups and their characteristics. Do we see any continuity with the Late Bronze Age?

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