ChooseMyPlate is the primary nutritional website of the federal government and also the focus of much of the nutritional advice of our text. We will use this resource for the entire course. There are many resources available on this site. For this assignment, you will go to the website and enter your information (or the information of someone you are assisting with their nutrition) to receive your personalized “My Plan” based on the information entered.

Go to and choose the SuperTracker option and begin entering a new profile by choosing “Create Your Profile”. The resulting “My Plan” will give the amount of each food group recommended based on age, height, weight, gender, activity level, and various goals that are chosen. Once you have completed the My Plan, print out a copy for yourself and save a copy as a PDF by choosing the “print” option and then saving the plan as a PDF file on your desktop. Review the recommendations of the plan.

Next, view this resource on ChooseMyPlate, “Ten Tips Nutrition Education Series”

Review one of the “10 tips” topics to improve your diet. Identify at least three items from one of the lists that you feel will be the most challenging for you given the “My Plan” recommendations. Formulate a reasonable proposal that would increase those behaviors so as to meet the “My Plan” goals.

To complete this assignment, there are two items to submit:

1. Submit your “MyPlan” by attaching the PDF file.

2. Attach your proposal as a Word document attachment (do not type your assignment directly into the “Text Submission” area). Your proposal should be well thought-out and include your plan to improve your diet using at least three tips as described above. The proposal should also include specific and measurable goals (for example, for #2, “I will substitute two servings of fish instead of red meat on my dinner plate each week”). Your proposal should be and a minimum of 2 paragraphs in length.

Over the next two weeks (on at least ten days), use the Supertracker to track both your eating habits (Food Tracker) and physical activity (Phsyical Activity Tracker). During week 4, you will submit your reports created by the Supertracker as your Week 4 Assignment.


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