1. America and the Industrial Revolution (graded)

Describe the basic industries of America’s Industrial Revolution and explain what made the men who controlled them so successful. Select one industry to argue your point (such as the petroleum industry). Were the men who dominated this industry “robber barons,” as some suggested, or simply good businessmen?

Welcome to Week 5! In the nineteenth century, particularly the latter part of the century, America underwent an incredible transformation from an agrarian society to the most productive industrial nation in the world. What role, if any, did government play in this transformation?

2. Imperialism and America (graded)

After the War Between the States Americans focused their energies inward until the 1890s when they turned their attention to acquiring territory overseas. What prompted this dramatic change? What role, if any, did this play in America’s entry into World War I?

Kindly answer the above two questions for me. Thank you so kindly.



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