SUBJECT: History

TYPE: Essay (any type)


Using the Course Reader, Texas Voices: Documents and Biographical Sketches, choose one chapter for each Course Reader Assignment (CRA), read ALL of the documents in that chapter, and then choose 1 primary document (not a biographical sketch) to write about. In your paper, answer the 4 questions listed below. You do not need to answer the questions at the end of the document. 1) Who wrote this document and when? 2) Why is the author writing about this topic? 3) Describe some of the larger historical themes that relate to this document. 4) How do the document you chose and the themes from question 3 relate to the other documents in the chapter? (You must reference at least 2 other documents from the chapter for this question)

Other Guidelines: Each CRA must be more than 500 words in length. Direct quotes do not count toward the required word count. This assignment does not require any outside research and can be completed using the textbook and the course reader. In the case of these sources, only direct quotes need to be cited, requiring only the author’s last name in parentheses. Outside sources (books, websites, etc.) may also be used, but in this case all information must be cited and must be listed in a bibliography (or works cited) at the end of the essay. No specific citation style is required. You will submit your paper through plagiarism checking software, so be sure to cite any and all direct quotes.