Discuss the overall objective of the lab and how you plan about going to meet these objects (brief at
most 1 paragraph)
Equipment List: Similar/Exact Equipment used in Lab 1
Theory: Explain to me what demorgan’s and distributive law are. How are they used… break it down for me as
if I didn’t know anything about Digital logic
Procedure: Step by step walk through of how you worked on and completed the lab
Data Section: Overall your going to have 8 screenshots.. you must complete any two(2) logic statements from
Part 1 and then any two(2) logic statements from part 2. In your screenshots I should see one picture which
shows the condition when the LED is lit meaning the logic statement is equal to one(1) and then a picture when
the logic statement equals zero(0). I also should see pictures showing you completed the pre-lab worksheet
with the complete schematics and truth tables
Conclusion: Explain to the reader how you are positive you meet all the conditions for you

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