Week 5 | Human Resource Management homework help

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June 11, 2021
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June 11, 2021
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Week 5 | Human Resource Management homework help

FINC 331
Companies raise most of their funds through stock sales and bond issues as well as bank loans.  This week we explore how stock can be valued and how the stock market operates.  Risk is always a factor in investing since there is no such thing as a “sure thing”.  We will explore how risk can be measured and managed this week. 

Stocks, Stock Valuation
Stock Market
Standard deviation & variance as measure of risk
Risk diversification
Valuing a business

1)      Module 2: Financial Securities  (Modules are located in LEO – Content – Course Content –click on the title of the Module and Read Commentary)
–          Valuation and Characteristics of Stocks
2)      Course Text : Boundless Finance Online Text

Ticker Symbol:Exchange:Market Cap:EPS:P/E:EV:
Where do you see the stock price moving forward? Why?
HRMN 395 
Week 5: Possible Pitfalls, Global Rewards, Evaluation, and Metrics
After completing this week, you should be able to:
1.  Identify some of the possible pitfalls of implementing, communicating, and measuring a total rewards approach to compensation management.
2.  Describe some of the cultural, legal, and country-specific practices important in designing total rewards for global companies.
3.  Explain how evaluation and metrics are designed for successful alignment with organizational strategies and goals.
1. Module 5 Possible Pitfalls, Global Rewards, Evaluation, and Metrics (found below)
2. HRmetrics (2006). Staffing Metrics – Recruiting Cost Ratio (RCR). Retrieved from:
 1. New metrics
2.  Using Metrics
Take the Self Assessment for Module 5.
Go to the discussion questions and post initial answers and  value added responses to classmates by Sunday 11:59 p.m.
Submit Assignment #2 by Sunday 11:59 p.m.
Discussion #1
Give an academic definition of the term metric (with an in-text citation) and share an example of at least two metrics you are considering for your second MS PowerPoint presentation due at the end of this week.
Use a minimum of two references. You do not need to interact with a classmate. 
Discussion #2
Discuss why metrics are important to HR professionals (use at least one in-text citation). 
Use a minimum of one reference and interact with at least two classmates.
Assignment Two
MS PowerPoint Presentation Metrics (20%)
In this assignment, you will write and present a MS PowerPoint Presentation that describes and justifies the total rewards metrics that you propose. The course material provides examples of metrics and how they are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Total Rewards Program. These metrics will used as a portion of the final paper due Week 8 (the final assessment for the class). Feedback from the instructor may require some revision to the chosen metrics prior to use in the final paper. At least three scholarly references from the course materials are to be presented in APA format, as well as respective in-text citations and relevant Web site documentation if information about the organization is taken from a Web site.
You will define the term metrics, explain how metrics are used to evaluate the success of the total rewards program, identify, describe, and provide examples of at least three metrics and share how you will collect the data for each metric and how you will set the benchmark or goal target for each that you would use to compute and analyze the Total Rewards Program in the organization you are studying in the course. Justification for the metrics linked to the organizational objectives, requisite competencies, and challenges should also be included.
At the least, the presentation will include the following segments:
1.  Title Page
2.  Introduction and Purpose of the Paper
3.  Academic Definition of the Term Metric
4.  Explanation of the Use of Metrics in Evaluating the Success of the Total Rewards Program
5.  Three Metrics (Identify, Describe and Provide Examples AND share how you will collect the data for each metric AND how you will set the benchmark or goal target for each).
6.  Justification of the Metrics Selected (Links to the Organization’s Success, Requisite 
     Capabilities, Competencies and Challenges)
7.  Conclusions
8.  Reference Page (at least three scholarly sources from course materials)


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