Write 6 pages thesis on the topic media and science. It is evident that technology is all about science and its principle. Media plays a vital role in disseminating information in society (Bell). Scientists come up with new inventions, which they make known to society through the media. In the perspective of social theorists, media and science shape the future of our society. This essay analyses the extent to which media and science influence the future of society.

The report presented by Science and Media Expert Group about the role of science and media in influencing the future of society bears similar reflection addressed by Hiltgartner report. Hiltgartner (519) argued that science finds its acceptance in society through popularization. He asserted that the flexibility that scientists enjoy in society is due to the mode of popularization of scientific discourse. A close comparison of this statement and views provided by the business expert indicates that science and media are forces, which influence societal development. The experts argued in their report that businesses in modern society must acknowledge the functions of media and science in modern society if these businesses are to be viable. It is evident that scientists use the services of the media to innovate new technology. Media expresses various concern in the society which scientists are not able to get if the information remain hidden. Hiltgartner believed that innovation occurs in society because of various challenges, which the society faces (520). Such challenges influence the thinking of scientists to come up with a solution to societal problems.

Hiltgartner’s report argued that scientific reports presented in the media influence debates in political scenes of the society (520). For instance, the cancer debate presented by the media influenced the Americans’ view of their diets and lifestyles. Scientists are keen to address issues that hit the headlines in media (520). Hiltgartner observed that the media reports influenced government debates, research reports from the National Cancer Institute, law review articles, and magazines among others. Hiltgartner explained that a publication made touching on the causes of cancer attracted various reviews, thereby popularizing the issues. Evidently, science and media in social work simultaneously in addressing issues in the society.

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